Welcome to BuddyDress

Our themes show off your site’s content - and do it well. We look for inspiration all around us - introducing personality for a dramatic effect that will bring your content to life.

Founded on the idea that your site should be exceptional in style and quality, we draw on classic design techniques to present a beautiful and unique collection of themes at an excellent value.

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A powerful front page theme perfect for displaying network-wide content on WordPress or BuddyPress
Gallery is designed to showcase images... as the name suggests a gallery but a gallery can be of anything.
Tired of limited options when it comes to a starting theme or holding page? We were too so we created Holder BuddyPress.
BP Colours is a colour pack for the default BuddyPress 1.2+ theme. Go beyond the default theme for free.
Studio is a balance of beautiful, pixel-perfect design with flexible and easy-to-navigate customization.
Business Services is all about showing off whatever you want - from services to products this theme fits the bill everytime.
Business Blog does what it says on the tin - a great theme for a blog and for a community around a blog all wrapped up in one package.
Business Portfolio is all about showcasing things - it lives to make your content the center of attention in a fresh, elegant manner.
Business feature makes it easy to get your content noticed and sell yourself, services or products without effort.
A stunning teams, groups and networking oriented BuddyPress theme. Control the site appearance and allow members to customize their profile pages too
Product makes a feature out of anything. Product is a theme that’s simple on the surface but easy to make your site a marketing and business wander
The Edublogs.org homepage theme, ready for you to disassemble and use in as many personal, business or other projects as you like!
BuddyPress Daily is the ultimate news based theme with multiple designs and layout options
The BuddyPress Business theme gives you all the power of a content management system along with the community features of BuddyPress
When your BuddyPress site just has the have the best, this is a sleek, good looking, professional and powerful theme that will leave your competitors jaws on the floor.
The BuddyPress Magazine Theme meets allows you to run a media rich, gorgeous looking, site that doubles as powerful community hangout powered by BuddyPress
BuddyPress Community Theme is a theme which brings your people together, your friends to the table and your BuddyPress goodness out of the closet.
BuddyScholar is a theme designed to work for heavy content sites and communities.
Taking life a bit to seriously? This fabulous and comprehensive BuddyPress theme will drive up the jollity and measure up the merriment - happy days ahead!
A truly beautiful BuddyPress theme that takes inspiration from Facebook and delivers you more than you ever thought was possible from a theme - transform your project or blow your clients away!