Welcome to BuddyDress

Our themes show off your site’s content - and do it well. We look for inspiration all around us - introducing personality for a dramatic effect that will bring your content to life.

Founded on the idea that your site should be exceptional in style and quality, we draw on classic design techniques to present a beautiful and unique collection of themes at an excellent value.

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Support policy

At BuddyDress we pride ourselves on premium support this is our support policy.

Support Channels

BuddyDress gives you a full range of support through our forums. We do not provide support via twitter or e-mail as we encourage users to post queries in our forums that as a member you have access to. We may request that you email us your login for deeper support. If we do ask for any details we promise to protect your confidential data and secure details.

Support Hours

Our support ours are 9am-5pm CST (US) Monday to Friday. Threads posted outside this time may experience response delays of 12-16 hours or longer at the weekends. If you do post outside these hours please be patient as we will respond as soon as is possible.

Extent of our support

We only cover support of our themes and can’t give general WordPress, BuddyPress or WPMU support that isn’t related to our themes. We understand that there is a fine line between what is seen as support and modifications. We will try and help wherever possible with any type of query but we can’t provide extensive help with theme development and customisation beyond general theme support. We’d always recommend you hire a developer for more indepth customisation.

Bug Fixing

We are commited to fixing any bugs in our themes within as short a time frame as possible. In our support hours all bugs will be fixed in general within 48hours however this does depend on the time of the bug found and the extent of the bug.

Release updates

We will update any theme to be compatible with the latest version of BuddyPress
however whilst we try and make sure they are as soon as it’s released ready there
may be a short delay. We do not support beta or non release versions of BuddyPress.