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Our themes show off your site’s content - and do it well. We look for inspiration all around us - introducing personality for a dramatic effect that will bring your content to life.

Founded on the idea that your site should be exceptional in style and quality, we draw on classic design techniques to present a beautiful and unique collection of themes at an excellent value.

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Membership Features and Pricing Options

BuddyDress membership features and pricing options
BuddyDress membership One Theme Whole Wardrobe
1 month $39 $59
3 months $79 $119
12 months $209 $309
Access Limits One theme Unlimited
How many themes available? Just one Entire collection
Support yes*one theme only yes
Access to updates yes*one theme only yes
Access to new themes yes yes
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

One simple payment or buy just one theme it's your call.
We have 2 options and 3 time periods you can choose from. You can buy just one theme or get an all access pass to all themes - it's up to you.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your monthly membership fee and want support or upgrades down the line, you'll have to sign up again.

Can I use the themes if I cancel my membership?

Absolutely! But you won't have access to any upgrades, support or new themes.

What payment types do you accept?

We take all major credit cards and also PayPal.

I haven't got my membership email but I've paid, what now?

Sometimes PayPal Pro (our payment gateway provider) can take some time to notify us of successful payments - sorry about that. If you have to wait more than a few hours please contact us (most of the time it's immediate).

Want plugins and WordPress / BuddyPress support too?

You can access all of our themes and over 100 plugins alongside general WordPress / WPMU / BuddyPress support at WPMU DEV.
BuddyDress is a site dedicated to providing just the themes for a more affordable price.